Applying An Engineering Approach To Help Individuals And Organisations Achieve Results by improving People, Processes and Performance.

Our team develops, delivers and licenses content, programs, tools and methodologies which are used by approved consultants, coaches, trainers and organisations to support professionals and business leaders.

The word "Engineering" is derived from "Ingenuity" which means CREATIVE PROBLEM-SOLVING.

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A Message From The Founder

Gregory Skeete has been trained by Dr. John Maxwell, Dr. Robert Cialdini, Sir Richard Branson and other leading global experts.

“The origin of the word engineering is derived from the Latin word for Ingenuity which is creative problem-solving. It means that every person will practise some level of engineering on a daily basis as long as problems exist.”

- Gregory Skeete

Human & Business Performance Consultant

Founder of Life Engineer Inc.

Gregory Skeete - Life Engineer Founder

Our Solutions

We pride ourselves on offering custom solutions to our clients because we believe that although problems may be similar, each situation is unique.

The main solutions delivered by our certified associates are outlined below, subject to a professional assessment of your specific needs.

Enterprise (Organisations)

We help organisations by to achieve their strategic objectives by:

  • Helping you to identify and change the mindsets, skillsets and team culture via our Workforce Life Engineer Programmes and Methodologies including Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Productivity and Teamwork.
  • Helping you to measure, re-engineer, optimise and automate your business and operational processes for high-performance via Enterprise Engineer or Agri Engineer Programmes and Methodologies.
  • Helping you to implement digital technology solutions to improve Operational Performance as well as Global Sales Performance via Digital Marketing solutions.

Professionals (Individuals)

We help individuals achieve personal and career goals by:

  • Helping you to design and implement your Total Life Plan featuring your ideal personal life, including health, fitness, wealth, career, relationships and leisure. We start with the end in mind and reverse engineer your desired outcome.
  • Helping you to design and implement your Growth Plan (Entrepreneurs Included) which features Professional Development, Leadership, Communication, Productivity and other required skills for Personal and Professional Success.
  • We help you to implement the latest digital technology solutions to improve personal performance and productivity as well as the digital security of your family.

Our Divisions

Our solutions are segmented into 3 areas of focus which collectively encompass the spectrum of life  -
People/Workforce Development, Business Operations Development and Agricultural Operations Development.

Life Engineer - People Development

Life Engineering

The Life Engineer Division focuses on content specifically designed for the development of people, human performance and "Workforce Engineering".

Areas include Leadership, Goal-setting, Communication, Productivity, Creativity, Accelerated Learning, Teamwork, Emotional Intelligence and more.

Enterprise Engineer - Life Engineer Inc.

Enterprise Engineering 

The Enterprise Engineer Division focuses on content specifically designed for the development of organisations and business performance.

Areas include Marketing, Sales, Operations Engineering, Business Process Design, E-Business, Digital Marketing, Strategy, Innovation, Change Management and Business Administration.

Agri Engineer - Agricultural Development

Agri Engineering

The Agri Engineer Division focuses on content specifically designed for the development of small or large commercial farms and their agribusiness performance.

Areas include Food Crop Production, Agricultural Engineering, Climate Smart Solutions, Green-housing, Fruit Crops, Value Chain Management, Hydroponics, Backyard Gardening and Agripreneurship.

Supporting INDIVIDUALS and ORGANISATIONS who are seeking to "engineer" results by systematically improving PEOPLE, PROCESSES and PERFORMANCE.

Implementation of Solutions

We develop training programs and tools which are either licensed to organisations or implemented by our certified associates such as coaches, speakers, trainers and facilitators.

Training - Life Engineer Inc.


Our innovative, practical training solutions and methods are designed to cause transformation beyond the information.

Training may take the form of courses, workshops or seminars and can be delivered in-person, online or via a hybrid combination of both formats.

Coaching - Life Engineer Inc.


It is impossible to be fully focused on your work and performance and assess your own performance.

Our coaching solutions are designed to complement the content developed in our training programs, in addition to providing encouragement, accountability and more individualised solutions for our clients.

Tools - Life Engineer Inc.


Effective skills must be complemented by effective tools in order to achieve maximum performance. 

Our solutions are supported by various physical and digital innovations including templates, work aids, prototypes, software and assessment tools.

Consulting - Life Engineer Inc.


In collaboration with our affiliate companies, we are able to provide consulting solutions for individual clients and organisations who require direct support with specific knowledge to overcome certain issues or challenges.

Done for you or "outsourced services" may also be available for specific areas upon request.

Discovery Consultation

(Available To First-time Potential Clients Only)

Our clients range from technical professionals to C-Suite Executives and Business Owners who may be keen to unlock new levels of personal and professional performance, achievement and fulfilment.

If you'd like to book a complimentary discovery consultation for yourself or your organisation to discuss how we could help you, please select the appropriate button below.

Client Testimonials

"I am personally grateful for the motivation to follow my dreams of studying abroad. I left my home country to study at 3 different universities in the next 2 years. 

I am now about to graduate from my MPhil, likely with first class honours. I know that this would not have happened were it not for the inspiring Life Engineer seminar that I attended."

Lianne Mulder - MPhil, Political Sciences | PHD Student

(The Netherlands)

"An exceptional, insightful training presentation which was delivered to help our employees achieve better productivity and work life balance as part of the week of corporate Employee Appreciate activities and events."

"Great delivery. Practical action items that we could implement immediately. I felt refocused and re-energised."

Members of the CIBC Operations Team
- CIBC FirstCaribbean Int'l Bank


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