We help leaders ENGINEER desired results in their lives and organisations by optimising Leadership, Process and Human Performance

Our team develops and licenses content, programmes, tools and methodologies which are used and delivered by approved consultants, coaches, trainers and organisations.

The word "Engineering" is derived from "Ingenuity" which means CREATIVE PROBLEM-SOLVING.

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Meet Our Founder

Our Founder, Gregory Skeete, is a Human and Business Performance Coach, Trainer and Consultant who is globally certified by Maxwell Leadership with a background in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering. 

His goal is to help leaders and experts develop and sustain the high-performance leadership (of self and others) required to engineer success in their lives, work and organisations.

He has been trained by or learned from leading global experts including Dr. John Maxwell, Dr. Robert Cialdini and Sir Richard Branson. He is passionate about applying his engineering skills to help people achieve the success and results they desire and life and business with greater ease and speed.

“The origin of the word engineering is derived from the Latin word for Ingenuity which is creative problem-solving. It means that every person will practise some level of engineering on a daily basis as long as problems exist.”

- Gregory Skeete

High-Performance Leadership Coach, Speaker & Trainer

Founder of Life Engineer Inc.

Gregory Skeete - Life Engineer Founder

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